Tolkien-inspired wines

It may take a little work to get them, but your Hobbit-loving, Lord of the Rings fan will appreciate the Frodo-ean effort. Can you imagine all these at a Tolkien-themed party? My new purpose in life is to get as many of these as possible. I’ll bet the old gaffer will have a thing or two to say about that.


  1. ARKENSTONE winery from California. I believe hot dwarves are optional and it may or may not drive you insane. Bonus: Choose the Obsidian wine to also appeal to the Minecraft or Game of Thrones crew. Find it at Arkenstone.10995747_423478051158089_7082610260575649979_n
  2. SHELOB from Ani Che Cellars. Shelob’s lair is in the Pacific Northwest! Ani Che Cellars Shelob wine
  3. MORDOREE is just fancy French for Mordor right?mordoree
  4. Oh, the BILBO wine. This makes my heart hurt with its awesomeness. Get in my belly Bilbo.bilbo
  5. Australia doesn’t have a Prancing Pony, but a PRANCING HORSE Winery. So, so close.prancinghorse
  6. THE GAFFER. Mr Riggs Shiraz. The old gaffer is a Shiraz?  Did not see that coming.
  7. Two ARWEN wines to hunt down. For I am the daughter of Elrond….so have I chosen, both the sweet and the bitter.arwen1arwen2
  8. Andi Fausto FRODO Vino Rossi. This has a graphic front label, so this image of the back side of the bottle was the best I could find…until I track it down myself with my wraiths on wings.  frodo
  9. SAURON Verdejo. Not so tuff with a lizard dancing on the label, huh Sauron?



Why hasn’t anyone put this list together already? Seriously. Do you know of other wines that would fit in? Let me know what I’m missing!